About GeoBI.info

Each place has specific locational factors. These are crucial for the economic success of a company.

GeoBI.info is a free software that quickly and easily analyzes every place in South Tyrol. All available statistic data are combined in a map and put in relation to each other. So emerges an economic map, which is customizable on individual needs and answers the questions of the users.

The result is a double benefit: the extension and expansion potentials in an accurate defined geographical area are illustrated through existing economic statistical data. Strategic decisions are greatly facilitated and can replace /simplify long and cost-intensive market surveys.
The data can also be provided to the end user of a company in order to convince him of the own company.

GeoBI.info is a free software that can be used free of charge. Basic is a free software, that is constantly extended by the users. The free software ensures also a transparent handling of data.

GeoBI.info is a tool for GeoAnalysis. Official statistics are combined with geographical data and put into connection with them. Not only economic data are available, the socio-demographic situation of a region is built in the model. This means that the age, education and income situation of individual areas can be accurately represented. The results are dynamic regional economic cards that can be updated constantly and therefore accurately represent the reality.

GeoBI.info is an open source software that is constantly developing. The developments are provided to the entire group of users. Created as a development tool for companies, it was from the beginning a stated goal to include location specific factors in concepts and business models. This basic idea has remained and will continue to be a key driving force in the development of GeoBI.info.


GeoBI.info produces geographical management maps. The graphics are developed for business analysis and information sharing. The plug-in software produces maps which can also be added to the own web portal. Any change of the parameters and variables effects in the maps in real time. This enables the user to use GeoBI.info as simulation tool to predict certain events and to generate accurate forecasts. The use is simple and intuitive due to visualizing the results in maps. Entrepreneurs choose the indicators relevant to them for business forecasts and analyzes. This result can be extended individually to each branch of business.

Comparisons are possible because of the parallel processing of various maps. These comparisons enable to carry out relatively easy risk assessments of business ideas and /or expansion plans.