Project work package structure

Project work package structure



  • WP1-PM

    General activity of coordination, control, reporting, monitoring and project management.

  • WP2-PR

    Definition and planning of the publicity for the service and the results produced and respective implementation.

  • WP3-PLAN

    Drawing up of detailed activity plan with separate estimates for times and costs of individual steps.

  • WP4-REQ

    Detailed definition of a first objective project to be realized in the capacity of a PAB internal user.

  • WP5-GEO

    Detailed analysis of the available territorial information assets with definition of the most interesting spatial layers to be made available to enterprises on first activation of the system.

  • WP6-STAT

    Collection from local authorities of published geo-referenced statistical data and integration of this into the system according to the principles of reuse of data from the public administration, to be made available to enterprises in a subsequent project phase.


    Development of a working prototype in order to refine system usability, configurability and availability.

  • WP8-ARCH

    Definition of the computing architecture model, necessary software layers and hardware technological components according to consolidated international standards that are compatible with the architectural models already in use at PAB.

  • WP9-CARD

    Analysis of final system development harmonised and synergised with the Services Card system for optimum integration in order to ensure better and simpler availability for user enterprises.

  • WP10-DEV

    Final system development and production start-up with the selected spatial layers, including preparation of the necessary hardware and software systems and infrastructures, development and activation of the necessary subsidiary services and integration with the Services Card authentication and validation system.

  • WP11-PADEV

    Realization of a first project in the capacity of a PAB internal user as defined in the initial project activities.

  • WP12-USER

    Activation of a first support team for system users.