• How much does it cost for my business to use GeoBI? Does GeoBI have to be installed?

    GeoBI.info is generally used in web. For this reason, no installation is necessary. After registration the use of GeoBI.info is free of charge. If for any reason there is a need to install GeoBI.info locally, so this is easily possible. Also in this case no license fee will be charged. The cost of the server use is however at the expense of the user.
  • Where does the data used by GeoBI.info come from?

    GeoBI.info primarily uses data from public statistics agencies. In case of South Tyrol integrated are data of the National Institute of Statistics ISTAT and the Provincial Institute of Statistics ASTAT. GeoBI.info is an open community which benefits from data uploaded and provided by the community. Some companies provide their data, so they are available for all.

  • What happens to the data that I submit for my analysis?

    Data which are submitted by the users for creating models can be marked as „private data" and can then only be seen by authorized users from their own environment / company. GeoBI.info is a community and each user can decide which of his own data should be published. However users should take into account that the community benefits from all the data that are published. As a result, the overall picture is completed. It remains at the discretion of the individual user whether the own data will be published.
  • Who owns the generated data maps?

    Also here the principle is: private maps remain private. The maps once published are visible to all and can be used by all users. The condition for use of maps is to identify the owner.
  • How do I get to GeoBi.info?

    Try it out: tool.geobi.info
 You can register under tool.geobi.info/register. After the registration you will receive an account on South Tyrol Civic Network
  • Is GeoBI.info open data?

    GeoBI.info uses opendata.bz.it - the open data platform for South Tyrol.
  • Can I become a partner of GeoBI.info?

    Yes, we are looking for partners in South Tyrol and the EU. Please contact us at info@geobi.info
  • Where can I get any further information?

    Contact us at info@geobi.info