• Fast, objective, free of charge combines all available statistical data and transmits them to a map. The official data are complemented by the company with operationally relevant variables, and as a result the connections become clear. Internal operating data is only visible within the company, but can also be published in order to expand our data pool for the public. is usable free of charge.

  • Advantage through better assessments

    Companies, which consider expansion and modification, have until now had the possibility to judge instinctively or to carry out expensive market researches. With the strategic decisions are easier. Companies that assess their environment properly have a big planning advantage. The use of the necessary resources is assessed properly, growth models can be developed more precisely and corporate risk is minimized.

  • Precise decisions for your business is free and web-based software that works across different economic sectors. This offers to the companies from all sectors the opportunity to assess the current and future market situation and derive the right decisions. gives companies also the opportunity to take advantage from the use of official statistics and private data.

  • Statistics as strategic assistance

    Official sites collect a great amount of statistic data. These can be used to calculate the chances and risks of market development. By using official data with the risk analysis can be carried out in a fast, objective and cost-efficient way.

  • Potentials and forecasts

    Success of a company has not only to do with precise marketing activities. Very often it is important to consider the dimension of the market which is addressed by the company. By including socio-demographic data the market is being analyzed, the potential in front of the own door is made visible. This leads to forecasts based on detailed figures. The operating result and growth targets become clear.

  • The statistical results are processed visually online helps to find answers to the question of strategic reorientation. The data regarding supply and demand are combined into a map. This results in an individual economic map for each questioning. The results are simple, understandable for everyone and available immediately.

  • Show me the data

    The results of analysis are shown in a map. The comprehensive data which is based on calculations makes it possible to identify market potentials and create detailed predicted turnovers.