What is GeoBI.info?


With GeoBI.info spatial data can be quickly captured and converted into decisions. Every location has a large amount of information; GeoBI.info.info makes this information visible and accessible. Create yourself, with a single touch of a button, GeoBI.info maps which present you and your customers the spatial information. GeoBI.info can be used for external communication or to support decision-making processes within the company. GeoBI.info is free of charge and due to free software - transparent and safe.

Be smarter!

GeoBI.info is a free software and is based on open standards of the on modern technology of SpagoBI. The leading Geo Business Intelligence Suite has been extended for GeoBI.info.info in order to create an appealing and easy-to-use platform. GeoBI.info is provided to the community under the Mozilla Public License, so also you can free use and develop the platform.