• A.B., car dealer:

    For many years I have wanted to expand my company. has given me the opportunity to put the registration of new vehicles in connection with the economic development. Through this analysis we have come to the conclusion that a new opening in the coming years will not make much sense. Today I am glad to have trusted in this tool.

  • K.K., agriculturist:

    The livestock industry has no longer given me joy. So together with my wife I have decided to plant strawberries in our fields. The idea was worth it. has helped me when I got ideas where can I find buyers for my fruit.

  • G.P., sports trading:

    My father built a thriving grocery store. However the grocery trading has never really interested me. Sport was my passion - and I wanted to open a sport shop. My consultant showed me Now I am owner of a sports shop and the business is going well. But the store is not located in my home town.

  • C.P., restaurant owner:

    For a long time I have wanted to become self-employed. My dream was to open an own pizzeria. With a friend I have carried out an analysis using and we have recognized that there are already enough pizzerias in the home town. That is why I have decided to open a restaurant with a simple home-style cooking. The decision has paid off.

  • M.L., agency owner:

    I procure tutors. As I opened my agency I had no idea how much business potential is hidden in this idea. It is all gone well because I worked hard and had a lot of good luck. Today I consider expanding into other regions. But for today‘s decision I will use Because it is no longer needed to rely on luck.

  • E.L., building contractor:

    Last year I got a bulk order. I asked myself whether I should increase my business because of this one order. I have consulted - and today I‘m occupying the same number of employees as before the bulk order. When I look at the present economic situation I am glad to I have stayed small.

  • R.D., freelancer:

    I have never really felt well in an office: I have always wanted to try out new things and not to perform the same activities for other people over the years. So I decided to become a freelancer and help out as a „fireman" in different areas. The decision was easy: had predicted that exactly this job outline has a big potential.

  • M.T., service provider:

    There are many providers in my area. With I have seen it black on white. I specialized, so I did not have to take too much risk. And look now, the country needs specialists. I have never regretted the decision to do less, but to do it well. Without today I would be one among many. But now I can choose my orders myself.